It was an emotional Very Special Episode of Maskirani pjevač this Wednesday, and never simply because we needed to say goodbye to 2 Group B contestants, the Serpent and the Whatchmacallit. When decide Ken Jeong, a former doctor himself, discovered that the Serpent was none aside from singing surgeon Dr. Elvis Francois — whose attractive cowl of John Lennon’s “Imagine” went viral again in March, after it was featured on Elton John’s iHeartwork Living Room Concert for America osobit — he was in tears.

“I just have to say, your version of ‘Imagine’ got us through the pandemic, man,” stated a choked-up Ken. “That living room concert you did on Fox, that was the first time we saw it, and in a concert of stars — it was like, Elton John, Billy Joe [Armstrong], everybody — the best moment of that living room concert was vas. And I told my wife, who’s also a doctor, ‘You know, that’s what a real doctor does, man.’”

Dr. Elvis returned the love, noting that Maskirani pjevač is offering the same therapeutic service throughout the pandemic. “Patients oftentimes turn on the television while they’re in their hospital beds, and coming in and watching a patient watching Maskirani pjevač, putting a smile on their face, it’s just an incredible way for us to move forward together,” he stated.

While Dr. Elvis is in no manner quitting his extraordinarily essential day job, his too-brief Maskirani pjevač run (which ended with a remaining sexy-smooth efficiency of the Jonas Brothers’ “Cool”) proved he’s certainly multi-talented. The judges had really guessed that the Serpent was Daveed Diggs, Usher, John Legend, or Boyz II Men’s Wanye Morris. (I believed it was Leslie Odom Jr.) So, the nice physician not too long ago mixed his two passions and launched the Music Is Medicine EP, that includes his Mayo Clinic colleague and piano accompanist Dr. Will Robinson, to lift cash for the Center of Disaster Philanthropy COVID-19 Response Fund.

“This guy is smarter than any doctor on the planet, and there’s just truly no one more talented than him,” Ken declared. “And I’m crying because I’m jealous that you’re more talented than me. And I just want you to know, man, you just got us through a very difficult time, and we love you so much.”

It was an emotionally heightened night for Ken in one other manner, as a result of for što prije, he actually did “know who exactly this is” and guessed the Whatchamacallit accurately — as NBA star Lonzo Ball. “Ken, you got something right once in your life!” exclaimed host Nick Cannon, as Ken jumped on his desk for pleasure, Društvo mrtvih pjesnika-style. Like Dr. Elvis, Lonzo confirmed that he too has some spectacular side-hustle abilities, as a result of the judges had completely pegged the Whatchamacallit (whose final track was “Lean Back” by Terror Squad) as Swizz Beatz and even Tyler, the Creator.

So, which means that the Group B’s Seahorse and Crocodile will likely be shifting on to the semifinals, together with Group A’s Sun and Popcorn and two TBD contestants from subsequent week’s Group C finals. I’m already pretty sure that the Sun is LeAnn Rimes and the Popcorn is Taylor Dayne, however who’re Group B’s surviving thriller superstar cosplayers? Let’s assess and guess:

The Seahorse, “…Baby One More Time”

After this week’s efficiency, I may virtually imagine that that is Britney, b****, performing in disguise in order to flee from her father’s allegedly watchful eye. The Seahorse sounded precizno like Britney! Seriously, was this Derrick Barry from RuPaulova Drag Race? Eh, most likely not, as a result of as Nicole famous, the Seahorse “went to some other stratospheric levels with them vocals.”

The clues: We noticed a Christmas wreath, Nashville scorching rooster with pickles, two child dolls, and a “spiritual adviser.” We additionally discovered that the Seahorse was “never in a girl group,” in order that guidelines out anybody from Fifth Harmony, En Vogue, or the Spice Girls — however she was “always solo,” so she’s positively knowledgeable singer. Past clues, verbal and visible, have included “chicken of the sea,” feathers, dolphins, rodeos, Daisy Duke shorts, “tug of war,” an “emotion ocean,” rainbows, and “fearlessness.”

Judges’ guesses: Kesha, Kellie Pickler, Sia.

My guess: Many of the Seahorse clues level to Jessica Simpson, however they appear manner too apparent. That “chicken of the sea” reference might be one other type of fish: a crimson herring! Kesha is a stable guess (she has Nashville connections and an album known as Duga), as is Kellie (she’s been in a number of Christmas films, and she or he’s a “pickler,” get it?). But I’m nonetheless calling it possibly and sticking with my authentic guess of LGBTQ+ ally and Emocija/Tug of War pop star Carly Rae Jepsen. The Seahorse sounds identical to Carly (when the Seahorse isn’t sounding identical to Britney, that’s). Let’s simply lower to the sensation and crown Carly the Season 4 champion already!

The Crocodile, “Bleeding Love”

The Crocodile has confirmed to be one in all this season’s most versatile vocalists, extra of a chameleon than a crocodile, shifting from the raspy rock of his first-week Bon Jovi efficiency to his personal Britney cowl, “Toxic,” in week two. This third trip, he confirmed much more vary with an influence ballad, delivering what Robin Thicke known as his “best vocal” but. And Nicole Scherzinger gushed, “I’m bleeding love over that performance!”

The clues: His “ride or die” greatest good friend is legendary superstar interviewer, with whom he’s traveled to “six continents.” The Croc star can also be an avid gamer who’ll “go step-by-step to get the high score” and has a “one-track mind.” He was additionally in a “huge cult classic movie.” Other clues this week included a lottery ticket and a vinyl record; past clues have included mentions of a disapproving father, a showbiz childhood filled with “heartache and instability,” pineapples, Las Vegas, Italy, and pirates.

Judges’ guesses: Jared Leto, Jordan Knight, Justin Guarini.

My guesses: The entire internet seems to think this is Nick Carter, whose Backstreet Boys had a successful Vegas residency and have collaborated with Korak po korak boy band New Kids on the Block. And the Crocodile really sounds like Nick, even if he sounds a bit different every time he sings. A quick glance at Nick’s IMDB reveals that he was an uncredited extra in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, and he’s also a huge video game dork. So I agree with the internet: This larger-than-life lounge lizard is probably the BSB heartthrob.

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