If you thought you have been affected person whereas fishing final summer season, you want to be even more affected person now with cooler water.

Fishing in mid to late fall shifts into sluggish movement, but there still are fish to be caught.

“When the water temperature is 50 to 60 degrees,” stated Mike Crowell, co-owner of Rose’s Bait & Tackle in West Burlington, “this temp is associated most often with the change from fall to winter and winter to spring. These are often excellent fishing conditions and a wide variety of techniques will work.

“When the water is 40 to 50 levels,” Crowell continued, “the metabolism has slowed down for the fish, but they will still feed. A slower method is more applicable in deeper water. 

“When the water is less than 40 degrees, which is coming up real quick, it’s most challenging as the fish have slowed down and eat less often. Try slower moving bait. They’re not likely to chase bait a long distance.”